Jewelry Care

  • Try your best to avoid contact with liquids such as perfume, sweat, soap, alcohol etc. So please be very careful if you need to wash your hands.

  • Separate and store all jewelry in airtight containers or zip lock bags to prevent tarnishing, oxidizing and thus causing a change in colour of your jewelry.

  • Always remove all jewelry before bath time, exercising, spas and avoid contact with water if you are washing your hands.

  • Always put your handmade jewelry on last after you are done with your clothes, hair and make up. This prevents your pieces from being damaged by the chemicals in things such as the hair spray, liquid foundations and more.

  • Polish your silver, gold or semi-precious stones parts with a jewelry polishing cloth for best results. Alternatively you can use Eyeglass cloth, those that you get for your spectacles/shades. Do not use tissue or paper towels as they can cause scratches because of fibers in these products.

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