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Gorgeous pair with very unique stones and colours. 14K gold plated hoops and hooks. Semi precious..
Ex Tax: $39.00
Tangerine Air
Crescent shaped to encompass the intricate details makes this an easy pair to go with any dress inje..
Ex Tax: $37.00
The colours on this one is certainly eye catching with its bold combination. Lovely neon pink swa..
Ex Tax: $34.90
Midnight Raine
This pretty number with easy to match hues have a very unique glamour to it. Love how the umbrella s..
Ex Tax: $36.90
This is one lovely piece that excudes vintage charm. Love the pearl accents. Handmade red clay ro..
Ex Tax: $33.90
Goddess Bandia
This intricate piece has got the charms of a goddess. This is almost a shoulder duster perfect for e..
Ex Tax: $35.00
Sorciere Noire
This is one lovely pair that is great to match for every day work outfits. Semi precious stones f..
Ex Tax: $39.00
This is one enchanting number which i can't peel my eyes off. Gotta love the colour combi and the Pe..
Ex Tax: $40.00
Sorcha is a fiery and bold one with intricate details that spells power. Acrylic beads with carvi..
Ex Tax: $39.00
This is one gorgeous piece with gold and black accents that are bold and easy to match. Tarnish r..
Ex Tax: $38.90
Fuchsia Snowflake
Brilliant shades of summer is all enclosed in this single number. Fuchsia acrylic roses. dusty bl..
Ex Tax: $36.90
This piece has very pretty and intricate details. Acrylic roses in coral colour. Swarovski compon..
Ex Tax: $36.90
Sandalwood Pixie
This is a very pretty and intricate piece!! Love the unique shape and whimsical charm. Perfect match..
Ex Tax: $36.00
Tamia Melody
This piece reminds me of the treble clef thus the name. This is uniquely shaped and has a elegant tw..
Ex Tax: $34.90
This is one unique one with the special colour combination which is so magical and bold at the same ..
Ex Tax: $34.90
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