About Us


MOG is a label that started off because of the passion and interest the designer developed for beads and jewelry making as a hobby. It has grown since 2007 and has matured into a trustworthy uniquely handcrafted jewelry label. It is only made possible not only by the designer Queena, herself but also by you who supports her crafts and passion. (:

MOG exudes exclusivity for every design is one of a kind, setting the brand apart from the world of mass production. Designs here are greatly inspired by the psychedelic nature brimming with clusters of gems, crystals, pearls and everything vintage glamourous.

Quality is assured here with unique designs that are individually different and with every piece telling a different story.

Creativity and quality are the emphasis here and most materials are uniquely imported or hand carried back by the designer herself whenever she travels. Signature pieces are often vintage parts paired with semi-precious stones, multiple ways to wear asymmetrical earrings and the always refreshing bracelet designs.

Despite coming from a pure design background majoring in visual communications, Queena is a self-taught jewelry crafter who loves beauty and fashion as much as she loves design. ❤❤

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