Be Spellbound this Christmas with MOG

Posted November 28, 2014 by queena chan

Good day lovelies!

MOG's annual Christmas bazzar is here!

I am really sorry about the lack of updates as I've been so busy and exhausted with work and many what nots but!! i did not forget MOG! i have been secretly gathering unique materials and parts to put together this beautiful collection for you this Christmas!

There are many gorgeous parts from USA, HK, UK and more all personally handpicked and handcarried back by yours truly~ You shall also find out what the vintage parts you see on this preview banner will be transformed into! 

There will be exclusive items and also many more unique and whimsical charms that are freshly imported and handcarried from overseas! There will also be a SALE section that starts from $10!!

MOG will be joining PUBLIC GARDEN again this year! So here are the details:

13th - 14th December 2013
Saturday & Sunday
Triple 1(111) Somerset
Level Sixteen
1pm - 7pm


All right, hope you like what you see on the preview banner!

I will also be running some promotions, so keep a look out on those!

Be sure to come on down to say Hi or to simply just send me some love~! Would love to meet you who have been supporting my crafts. i really appreciate all the support (:

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any enquiries, or simply to just let me know that you will be there! It's always great to be able to hear from you (: So save the dates!!

Have a lovely weekend!






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